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Welcome to Winters Family Chiropractic


No Appointments (after the 1st visit)  We offer a 1st come 1st served appointment policy.

As Low As $59/MONTH

We are a Membership type practice where you can get adjusted 4 times for as little as $59!  Check out our fees page for more info.


Chiropractic care is important for all family members young and old.  We offer family plans which make it affordable for the whole family.  There is more info under the Fees section.


You do not need insurance.  In fact, even if you have insurance in most cases it's cheaper to not use it and go with us!

Sauk Centre and Saint Joseph Chiropractor, Mark Winters, provides chiropractic care for patients in the Sauk Centre and Saint Joseph areas. Winters Family Chiropractic treatments involve adjusting vertebral subluxations and allowing the body to heal itself.  We pride ourselves on respecting your time, which is why we have a No Appointment policy after the 1st visit.  First come first served, this way you fit us into YOUR schedule not the other way around.



Make your appointment today by calling (320) 202-0284 (Saint Joseph) OR (320) 202-0284 (Sauk Centre)