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At Winters Family Chiropractic we take the philosophy and principle that the power that made the body can heal the body as long as it can communicate properly.  What we mean by that is the brain and spinal cord control everything in the body and as long as there are no interferences (subluxations) on the spinal cord the brain can communicate to the body how to heal itself and get the most out of your body.

At Winters Family Chiropractic our purpose is to find and correct vertebral subluxations.  Vertebral subluxations occur when the bones of the spine (the vertebrae) move out of place putting pressure on the nerves of the spinal cord.  This pressure results in an interference in the overall communication from the brain to rest of the body and from the rest of the body back to the brain. It does not matter if you're not in pain you can still have subluxations affecting different areas of your body such as allergies, sinuses, digestive issues, and other normal functions of our body.  If the nerve going to that area is being interfered with (subluxated) that part of the body will not work the way it's supposed to.  By correcting the subluxation we are allowing the body to do the best it can do to heal itself.   Just because you aren't in pain doesn't mean you don't need to be adjusted or should wait until pain shows up, that would be like waiting to brush your teeth until they hurt.  Your teeth wouldn't be healthy just like your body won't be as good as it can be with subluxations.  If we simply rely on symptoms the healthiest people out there would be the people in the cemetery because they have absolutely no symptoms.

We believe that everybody should have the option to afford chiropractic care on a regular basis.  This is why we have three different payment options including a membership practice that allows you to come in up to 12 times a month for one low monthly price.  I recommend simply what I receive and recommend for my family, which is to be adjusted at least 1 time a week at an affordable price.