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What can I say about Dr. Mark? Lots! I went to him for a second opinion, just because I felt from my chiropractor that I was just another patent instead of a person that needs care. So Dr. Mark takes the time or when you come in and say that you need to in and out, he listens. The first time that I met Dr. Mark he had me do the body scan, which gave me a sense of where I was abusing my body and how to correct my methods for the future. Prices are wonderful. Anyone asking what about the price, I would say that the price is a lot cheaper than trying to do insurance. The monthly plan is what I would recommend. Twelve times a month for a low flat rate. I LOVE IT. I love it so much, I brought my wife there and now she also see Dr Mark. The care that I receive and the personalibly that we have between each other. I couldn’t ask for better!!!   – Dustin P.

Dr. Mark does an excellent job of making you feel welcome right from the start. He did a great job of teaching me and educating me about chiropractic care and the importance of continued care. With his practice being a membership practice I am able to receive continued care. Regular adjustments leave me feeling healthy and more in tune with my body.    –  Signe M.

Dr. Mark helped me get rid of headaches that I’ve been suffering from for quite some time. I was a little nervous at first but Dr. Mark led me through the process of being adjusted and it went great! I’m happy to say I’m headache free for the first time in years!!!  –   Anonymous