Winters Family Chiropractic | Fees
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Pay Per Visit




College Students


Kids 17 and Under

Package of Visits



Cost per Visit


15 Visits



$225 (38%)

10 Visits



$125 (31%)

5 Visits



$35 (18%)

3 Visits



$15 (12.5%)

Additional Information

You are buying visits up front for a reduced price.

You or anyone in your immediate family may use the visits in your package.

Kids 17 & under count as 0.5/visit (half a visit) if they are adjusted the same day as one of their parents.

Visits do not expire, you have them until you use them up.

Example: You buy a package of 10 visits.  You, your spouse and 2 of your kids get adjusted the same day.  You will have a total of 7 visits left.

Monthly Membership

1st Month of Membership

Adults: $179

College Students: $159

Visits/Month: Up to 12

Cost per Visit: $14

Receive $20 off your 1st Month if you sign up for auto-debit the same day you purchase your 1st Month. You must do the 1st month before you are eligible for the Maintenance/Wellness Care Options below. Auto Debit required after the 1st month.

2nd Month of Membership + (Maintenance/Wellness Care Options)



Monthly Visits

Cost per Visit

3x a Week


Up to 12


2x a Week


Up to 8


1x a Week


Up to 4


2x a Month


Up to 2


1x a Month




$20 for Extra Visits

Auto-debit is required after your 1st month.

Kids 17 & under may be added to membership, see Payment Options (Kids) for fees.

There are no contracts or cancellation fees.

Accepted methods of Payment: Cash, check, credit, debit, HSA, and FSA cards

There is an additional 3% processing charge if you use a credit, debit, HSA, or FSA card.

Payment due at time of service.  We do not accept insurance!