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Dr. Mark Winters grew up in Sauk Centre, MN the second of six kids, four boys and two girls. He is an avid sports fan, and enjoys watching all Minnesota sports teams. He earned a Bachelor of Science, in Human Biology, from Northwestern Health Sciences University, where he also earned his Doctorate in Chiropractic.

Dr. Mark first discovered chiropractic through a coworker at his summer job. He was a sophomore, in college, when allergies began to affect him daily at work. His coworker began to explain to him that chiropractic was for more than just low back pain, and can help with allergies. Dr. Mark always knew he wanted to work with the human body, and after experiencing relief from his allergies, he knew chiropractic was the correct choice to make.

Dr. Mark focuses on allowing the body to heal itself. This happens by relieving the body of vertebral subluxations, which cause interference on the nervous system. Whenever you remove vertebral subluxations, you are allowing the body to function at optimal performance. With vertebral subluxations the body cannot function optimally.


In 2014 Dr. Mark married his wife April and they bought a house in their hometown of Sauk Centre. In 2015 they welcomed their first child Michael and in 2020 a daughter Sloane to their family.  They both enjoy being back in their hometown to raise their son around friends and family. Dr. Mark enjoys practicing in his hometown as well as the surrounding community of Saint Joe. He enjoys being back in central Minnesota and looks forward to serving friends, family, and others he hasn’t met yet for many years to come

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About Us

Sauk Centre and Saint Joseph Chiropractor, Mark Winters, provides chiropractic care for patients in the Sauk Centre and Saint Joseph/Saint Cloud areas. Winters Family Chiropractic treatments include: the location and correction of vertebral subluxations, nutrition, as well as helping numerous families achieve wellness through natural preventative health care choices.

Winters Family Chiropractic is located next to Dancing Off Broadway on the corner of Sinclair Lewis Ave and Oak Street in Sauk Centre.  In Saint Joe we are located just south of Coborns across 75 in a stand alone building in Saint Joseph, Minnesota.  Dr. Mark worked at one of the largest family practices in the state of Minnesota for a year down in Burnsville, and has decided to bring his vision of a family practice to Central Minnesota.  We specialize in helping numerous families achieve wellness through natural preventative health care choices.

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